• On Labyrinths, Love and Learning

    Photo by Derek Lee – http://www.dwlp.com/

    Had I known where the path was leading,
    I might have relaxed and enjoyed each step more fully.

    Had I understood there was no way to get lost,
    I might have met each unexpected turn with curiosity instead of fear.

    Had I accepted that moving towards sometimes feels like walking away,
    I might have sensed earlier when  it was time to let go.

    Had I recognized there was no riddle to be solved, only wisdom to receive,
    I might have listened more attentively.

    Had I appreciated the limitations of my vision,
    I might have sooner come to trust the grand design.

    Had I been told when it seemed I was furthest away from home that I was closer than ever,
    I might not have believed it.

    And yet, midway through life’s journey we meet in the center as the big picture comes into focus.
    Tears of the past evaporate toward heaven, raining down as wisdom for the journey outward.

    With a kiss and a promise, we begin to walk the second half together.


    I have found the one whom my soul loves. – Song of Solomon 3:4



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